To Love and…Remodel

Posted on Feb 14, 2012

Isn’t love, in a subtle way, the driver of so much of homebuilding and remodeling opportunity?  Sure, everyone wants shelter, but love drives more than that.  When we change who we live with, we change how we live, and changing how we live causes us to think, “Hm, we really need to fix/redo/expand/improve/ change this.”

Every time one of us gets married, has children, has more children, has those children grow up into teen-ages and then move out (and heaven help us, move back in), it changes our needs for the home.  We have different housing needs as we include parents, or other family members with us, or become single, or get promoted at work, or retire.  As loved ones, relations and roommates come and go from our homes, we have different housing needs.

Each one of these changes in our lives changes how we want to or need to live.  And each of those moments represents an opportunities for builders and remodelers to solve the housing needs challenge.

When do your clients reach out to you?  What life change sparks the need to change among your clients?  Leave me a comment – I would love to know! – Maureen


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