Earth Bound Homes

Posted on Mar 2, 2012

Earth Bound Homes

Earth Bound Homes

Earth Bound Homes creates better living environments. Their brand of green building delivers beyond energy-efficiency. They create home environments that have little or no utility bills, almost no homeowner maintenance and are healthier for the residents because, unlike conventional construction standards, the building elements they use contain no toxic of off gassing materials.

The firm sets the standard for LEED for Homes and Carbon/Zero Energy, completing the first Zero Carbon/Zero Energy LEED Platinum home in California, and currently building what is anticipated to be the highest rated LEED-Platinum home in the country.

And, Earth Bound Homes delivers homes that are aesthetically pleasing. “Great, sustainable building can be delivered in nearly any style of home”, notes Dave Edwards, principal at Earth Bound Homes. “We blend the best of both worlds for our clients – high performance and style.”


Earth Bound Homes faced more low cost competition as the economy softened. Because Earth Bound Homes’ creates very detailed, green building solutions for clients building and remodeling needs, creating customized proposals is time consuming. While highly skilled marketers already, the company wanted a second opinion on how they might improve the outreach to prospective customers, and find a larger pool of clients and avoid competing for the same projects as the lowest price solution companies.


A marketing review found opportunities for the company, both in short and long term strategies. The solution strategy is two-fold: find prospective client pools with shared values, and reach them earlier in their decision making process. Rather than competing head-on with low-cost contractors, the company can, through marketing, align with customers whose values, interest in sustainable building and indoor air quality, and the desire for durability, matches the company values. Research shows that customers may be considering a remodeling project six to twelve months earlier than may be apparent, much earlier than the company was reaching them through marketing or partners. Making information available well in advance and reaching customers earlier gives the company time to create the relationship and establish the value of their building approach. Longer term tactics build upon these themes of outreach and relationship, including the addition of photograph and video testimonials to the website.

“As good a marketer as you may be,” observes Randy Potter, vice president, “it is helpful to have a second option, another perspective on marketing. The business of building is so competitive you do not want to assume you are doing everything you can.”

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