Keep Marketing in Your Calendar with Time-Saving Tools

Posted on Mar 2, 2012

Keep Marketing in Your Calendar with Time-Saving Tools

Business is picking up, for the builders, architects, landscape architects and others I’ve talked with recently.  And with that pick up in business comes time pressure:  things have not yet picked up enough to add staff, yet the flurry of leads and proposals means other things may be overlooked.   Marketing needs consistency to work best, but when leads are coming in, marketing-related activities can be the first activities to drop or get overlooked.  What can you do to work smarter, and keep your customer connections?   Here are time savers that will help you now and later:

1. E-mail communications.  Write and schedule e-mail communications to your customers and list well ahead of time.  Services like MailChimp ( and Constant Contact ( allow you to create email communications, then schedule them for the exact date and time you want them to go.   You can set up automatic e-mail responses for new inquires as well as on-going communications. Planning well ahead insures marketing continues, even in a time crunch.

2. Time scheduling tools.  How much time do you spend going back and forth with your customers and your suppliers on simple scheduling?  If you feel your time is being wasted here, add time scheduling tools, such as Time Trade ( or Doodle (  Using these tools can save time for you and your customers.

3. Collaborative workspace – online.   If you are busy coordinating employees, suppliers, vendors, and others, look into on-line collaboration services, and their smart-phone apps.  Services like Action Method ( and Basecamp ( help coordinate projects with a team that’s not all in one location.  The link via smart phone applications mean you can add instructions right from the field.  Basecamp makes a great customer link site, too.

Keep marketing on your priority list of activities, all the while saving time with these tools.

What tools do you use to save time and stay connected to customers?  Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you! – Maureen

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