White Paper: Giving Away Knowledge to Build Your Business

Posted on Mar 16, 2012

White Paper: Giving Away Knowledge to Build Your Business

The culture of social media is influencing our on-line experience. While residential building and construction have examples of invaluable gifts of knowledge, aka a free gift article or “White Paper” (State of the Nation’s Housing, McGraw-Hill, NARI and other), more than ever, generosity is an integral part of introducing your firm, or your community, to customers. “A culture of generosity is the cornerstone of success in social media,” was one of the many great points made at Oakland Local’s social media clinic today (thank you Susan and Kwan).

If you need to introduce your firm or community to a wider audience, here are a few steps you can take to meet them by sharing your knowledge:

1. Pick a topic invaluable to your customers.  Whether it’s a checklist on the steps you need to do to buy a home, a paper on the benefits of a Net Zero home, or where to eat in the neighborhood, find out what your customers would value most.  Save it in a pdf format or some other universally manageable form.

2. Make it available through your website.  Provide it to your customers, and ask your new, interested, prospective customers for their e-mail address so that you can e-mail it to them.

3. Let people know it’s available.  Be sure to share with your social media followers that you have information to share, and provide the links to the website location.

4. Provide new White Papers.  Be sure to offer new insight and new knowledge throughout the year.  Your customers will appreciate the knowledge, and create a following of interested people who will remember you and become potential customers as well.

What topic have your customers valued most?  Please leave me a comment, I am interested to know what your experience has been. – Maureen

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