Benefits of the Business Blog: Customers

Posted on Apr 10, 2012

Benefits of the Business Blog:  Customers

If your business does not have an associated blog, or if the business blog is hanging out there untouched, consider these direct benefits to the business that come from a well crafted, meaningful business blog:

 1. Positions you as the expert.  Blogging lets customers get to know you, your expertise, your style and your ideas over time.  It establishes you as an expert in your field, someone with deep knowledge, someone who customers want to do business with.  While you may pursuing guest blogging, article writing and speaking as part of your business marketing already, the business blog provides one venue where you are always the headliner.

2. Engages.  Prospective customers return to interesting sites, interesting blogs keep them coming back.  The more frequently customers return to a site, the more they get to know you, increasing the likelihood of doing business with you.  As with social relationships, customers begin by becoming aware of you and your business, gather more information about you, gain confidence, become a client, and through great work on your part, become a loyal customer and advocate.  Giving prospective customers an easy way to get to know you creates a great start to the Customer Life Cycle.

3. Search Engine Optimization.  Search engines love updated websites, and frequent blogging is an ideal way to optimize your business website for searches (especially when you use your keyword strategy effectively).  Your website works harder helping prospective customers find you when you blog on a regular basis.

Tip:  No time to blog?  Engage a company to guide the blog strategy and content, recruit an intern to support the writing, or hire someone internally to the company.

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