For the Love of Home

Posted on Apr 3, 2012

For the Love of Home

Is it a gift to be so enamored of real estate, really, of the idea of home?  Maybe, but maybe not.  When I take my left-brain out to the field for some critical analysis of real estate value and performance, my right-brain comes along, too.  Touring residential real estate product, looking at the value built into the home, delving in to the success (or the opposite result) of a given home or community, the right-brain, so quiet on the drive out, suddenly pop’s out with, “But look at that kitchen”, or “That master bedroom suite is so elegant, and look at all the closet space…”

A trip to Woodbury in Irvine, California brought the duality out in force.

The truth is, even as professionals, we are also customers.  We live in homes (whether for-rent or for-sale homes, the motivators can be surprisingly similar), make trade-offs, look for value and/or style depending on our needs and preferences, and make choices about location. We are customers as well as professionals.  More than once, I’ve returned from a comprehensive field study to sacrifice the following weekend to tackle major outdoor projects, paint a room, redecorate or spruce up, inspired to new heights by what I’ve seen.  My significant believes my profession a dangerous one, at least a danger to an otherwise leisurely weekend.

What about your current or future home captures your imagination?


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