Time Your Marketing to Business Peaks for Maximum Impact

Posted on Apr 13, 2012

Time Your Marketing to Business Peaks for Maximum Impact

While companies do business all year round, timing your marketing activities to business peaks for maximum impact will deliver the best results for your investment and effort. Plan your marketing to peak when people’s interest in your product or service peaks. You want to be where clients are looking just when they are thinking about products and services like yours, and you want to be there before and during that peak with your best marketing strategies. Knowing when peak interest occurs is a cornerstone to marketing planning.

Here are a three ways to find out when the market peaks its interest in your product or service:

1. Google Trends.  If you are planning for the first time, are a brand new business, or just want a fresh perspective, use your top key word’s (words prospective customers use when searching for a product or service like yours) to search in Google Trends, found at www.Google.com/Trends.  Edit to the most relevant region (e.g. United States), subregion and year (e.g. all years versus last twelve months).  Note whether the peaks are consistent, or vary by key word.  Look for commonalities and differences.

2. Company Records.  If you’ve been in business for a while, you know when the business peaks happen.  If the information is not easy to find, create measurements that will help you see the peaks more clearly next year.  Consider all the elements of a business peak, such as requests for proposal, contracts signed, or internet-based inquiries or traffic, whatever is most relevant for your company.

3. Industry Knowledge.  If you belong to an industry organization, get their help.  Find out who in the organization can advise you about the industries trends.

Plan your extra marketing spending and effort for when people are most interested in your product or service, and keep the normal marketing consistent throughout the year.

Tip:  Track and measure the marketing components to know what’s working best and when.

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