5 Marketing Tips to Capture Business Leads

Posted on Jun 6, 2012

5 Marketing Tips to Capture Business Leads

If you are like many companies we know, business leads from marketing have been hard to find and capture in recent years, or at least harder than we would like.  With home- and construction-related business opportunities appearing to be on the up-swing, if you haven’t brushed up your marketing in a while, here are five tips to help you modernize your marketing and improve your capture of business leads:

1) Modernize the Website.  If your website is five or more years old, it is not working as hard as it could be.  When customers are looking for just the kind of product or service you provide, it should be easy for them to find you.  Modern search-engine optimization techniques, content strategies and keyword optimization in an up-to-date website can help you capture more leads.

2) Lead Management Tools.  Today’s contact and lead management tools dazzle (for those of us who started our careers with a Rolodex).  Depending upon the size of your firm and the volume of leads to projects, Sales Force, InfusionSoft, Highrise, or other tools can help the team share contacts and leads, whether you are out in the field or in the office, saving time and unifying information.

3) Contact Capture Strategy.  Free gift articles/white papers designed to appeal to your target customer offered on the website homepage, are a great strategy to capture the email addresses of visitors and offer something of value in return for them.

4) Inbound Marketing Strategy.   Decide how you will nurture your new leads, including those coming through the website.  Plan the communications and design auto-responders to welcome new leads and ensure important news is shared right from the start.  Upgrade your newsletter and communications platform if needed, to add auto-responders and the right communication tools.

5) Tools to Engage.  Pick tools right for your audience, and use them to engage.  New visual tools such as Instagram and Pinterest are ideal for companies with strong visual components.

The best strategy for engaging your leads is always outstanding content, in whatever form.

Need more information on any of the above tips?  Leave me a comment, or send a question via e-mail to info@ladleyandassociates.com.  – Maureen


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