Pinterest in a Business Marketing Plan: 5 Simple Steps to Start

Posted on Jul 5, 2012

Pinterest in a Business Marketing Plan:  5 Simple Steps to Start

For certain businesses, Pinterest offers a powerful way to engage with current and future customers. While the site is most often noted as a way to reach a female audience, a recent study notes that men report purchasing an item first seen on Pinterest twice as often as women (see Compete’s Online Shopper Intelligence Survey), making it a potentially valuable component to a company’s marketing plan.

Whatever the profile of your customers, here are five tips to getting off to the right start:

1. Company Name. Choose your company name as your user name. Have your logo, company description and your website address handy to complete the company profile. If you have keywords, keep them in mind when writing.

2. Use Same Email Address as Twitter. Pinterest gives you the option to sign up through Twitter or Facebook. If you Tweet as part of your marketing plan, use the same address to sign up for Pinterest to authenticate your account. Pinterest does not connect to Facebook Pages, so when you are setting up Pinterest for your business, a link to your personal page may not be optimal. You always have the option of signing up through e-mail.

3. Let Search Engines Find You. Under Settings, be sure the choice “Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines” is checked to the OFF position! You do want search engines to find you.

4. Board(s). Create and describe your board or boards. Make each board as specific as possible, and create descriptions for each product or service you are marketing. Plan on optimizing your copywriting with your previously identified keywords.

5. Add “PinIt”. Add the PinIt bookmarklet to your toolbar as a handy shortcut. You can find it under About-Help-Goodies on the Pinterest site.

These steps will get you started. As with any aspect of the marketing plan, you’ll want to create a strategy for marketing through Pinterest, and in coordination with your other social media promotion, marketing and website.

Is this part of your marketing plan now, or are you thinking about getting started? Please leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you. – Maureen

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