Social Media and Keyword Insight

Posted on Jul 26, 2012

Social Media and Keyword Insight

Social media has create an entire new means of searching to find a company or service through search keywords, keeping company with our usual search expectation, websites.  Earlier, we used social media to look up a person or company we already knew.  Today social media sites appear in your searches, often ranking very high in that search.

Social media sites, such as Facebook, are trusted domains, and trusted domains tend to rank higher in search engine results.  What does this mean for your social media?  It means that it is worthwhile to spend time incorporating keywords into your social media profiles.

Here are a few places to add those keywords, and some strategy to consider:

1. Right Keywords.  Make the keywords right for the social media profile.  Facebook may be more casual than Linkedin, and each use different words.  You may have a different strategy for Pinterest than you do for other social media profiles.  Take time to look at your keyword list, if you developed one for your website, and see how the language might be different for each profile.

2. About.  Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others provide an “About” section.  In the About section, you are describing who you are and what you do, providing a great opportunity to work in keywords, while remembering to keeping the language of your writing as natural as possible.

3. Status Updates.  Work the keywords into your status updates as you talk about what you do.  As status updates tend to be short, select the words that are truly key.

4. Photo Captions.  Remember to create photo captions and include keywords in those captions.

While we focus our clients on creating engaging, meaningful content as the foremost on-line strategy, a few keywords can help new potential customers and friends of the firm find you.

Need help getting started with keywords?  Do you have a great example on any of these approaches helping your social media results?  Leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you. – Maureen

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