Social Media Writing Your Customers Want to Read

Posted on Aug 7, 2012

Social Media Writing Your Customers Want to Read

How do you know if your social media and blog content are on-topic for your customers? Whether you are an established company with a long customer history, or just starting your business, there are techniques you can use to know your social media content is interesting and meaningful to your customers, future customers and followers.

Here are five tips you can use to post content and blog with confidence:

1. FAQ. What questions are the most commonly asked in your business? The answers to these questions are topics your customers want to read about. Take the frequently-asked-questions list and turn it into a series of social media and blog posts.

2. Survey. If you have a client database, create a survey for your clients, letting them know you are planning your content for the coming year and want to know what topics would be of greatest interest to them. With on-line survey tools, survey creation is easy and feedback is immediate. Use the insight to add to the social media content calendar.

3. List of Questions. If you talk to customers, future customers and friends-of-the-company frequently, create a list of questions to ask them, such as “What do you like?”, “What do you want to know more about?”, and “What would improve our content?” If you ask, they will tell you.

4. Ask Partners. Ask your partner firms, your most trusted allies, what topics they think you should be including. Your closest business allies will have insight into your business and valuable customer content.

5. Check Your Results. Check your results, see what blog posts had the most interest, the most readers and the most shares. Facebook Pages have built-in analytics. Get familiar with your web or blog site’s analytics and measure the popularity of posting. Create more topics like the most popular. Drop the content themes no one reads!

What’s your technique for planning compelling content? Leave a comment! – Maureen

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