Facebook: Anatomy of a Social Media Site

Posted on Sep 6, 2012

Facebook: Anatomy of a Social Media Site

Quite a few people in my business network, representatives of vibrant companies who are starting to use social media marketing, confessed they are unsure of the basic elements found in Facebook, as well as the very anatomy of the social media itself. If you are new to social media marketing, here’s a great place to start in understanding Facebook: the difference between a personal Profile and a business Page.

Profile. A Profile (also called Timeline or Wall) is your personal site, the one with your own name, and your own photograph or image. Under Facebook rules, it can only be used for personal, non-commercial use. This is the starting point in Facebook. Your Profile is where you post your personal photographs, articles of interest to you and your Facebook friends, your personal updates and experiences. For your Profile, you have Friends with whom you can freely interact, sending messages and posting on their Profile walls. You, or someone in your company, must have a Profile before you can establish a business Page.

Page. A Page allows businesses, organizations or brands to connect with people on Facebook. Pages are considered an extension of a Profile, similar to groups and events, and are managed by Admins (you become an admin when you create a Page, and you can appoint other people to be Admins to help manage the Page). When other people in Facebook connect to your Page, they cannot see that you are an Admin of that page, nor can they see your personal Profile information. Like a Profile, the Page has a Timeline feature, and you can post events, photographs, and similar items to engage with your fans. For your business Page, you have Likes (people who have Liked your Page). These are the people who will see the postings you and your admins post to your Page, these are the people to whom you can respond if they comment on a posting. Unlike in your Profile, you cannot send the people who Like your page private messages nor can you post on their walls.

Facebook has a useful help site: www.facebook.com/help.

Still have questions? Send me a note! – Maureen

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