Social Media: 3 Reasons to Include Curated Content

Posted on Sep 14, 2012

Social Media:  3 Reasons to Include Curated Content

Social media is a content rich environment.  Customers using social media have come to expect this and that drives businesses to deliver content that is engaging, valuable and consistent.  Businesses using social media need to establish a strategy for how to best use social media channels to achieve their marketing goals, delivering on customer’s expectations.  In creating social media strategy, businesses need to make choices about their content, including the role and ratio of original versus curated content.  Original content is that developed within the company, curated content is content created by others outside your company.  If you are not familiar with the concept of “curation”, it is the finding and sharing of valuable content from sources other than your own company that are available on the web, including from blogs and other social media channels, from sources that include thought leaders outside of your business, or even from potential competitors.

So, why would you want to offer content created by others as part of our own company identity, as part of our own “brand?”  I am glad you asked.

Here are three reasons to consider adding curated content to your social media plan:

1. Outstanding Content.  If your goal in social media marketing is to create an outstanding experience for your customers, fans and ideal future customers, selecting and offering relevant and valuable content consistently for your audience has tremendous value.  It will keep your current customers and fans engaged, and will be a reason for more ideal customers to engage with you.   The more ideal customers engaging with you, the greater the opportunity you have of nurturing some of those followers into customers, or into valuable referral partners.

2. Expertise.  If you would benefit from being perceived as an expert in your field, finding and offering excellent content from all sources positions you as an expert.

3. Consistent Quality.  As customer and fan expectations of the rate of content offering has increased, the need for quality content has increased.  Increased expectation is directly correlated to the need for evermore content. Content that has no value to your ideal customers and fans will lose the company its following.  Curation is one means of insuring a consistently valuable experience for your customers.

In social media, the relationship is the goal.  In our own personal and professional relationships, we use outside sources to support our own brand.  On the personal side, for certain people, the gift of Tiffany jewelry elevates your own brand standing (hint, hint).  On the professional side, depending upon your industry and profession, we use branded products in our own business to great effect (e.g. SubZero or Energy Star appliances, Kohler fixtures, or FSC paper and wood sources).  That we did not make these items does not diminish our own brand, it enhances our brand.  Finding and providing outstanding content in your social media works the same way.

Do you have a content strategy story you would like to share?  Please leave me a comment. – Maureen

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