Social Media Marketing – Improve Your Engagement with Pictures and Links

Posted on Jan 4, 2013

Social Media Marketing – Improve Your Engagement with Pictures and Links

In social media marketing, engaging your followers with content they like and want to share is a priority. If you are keeping the content interesting by mixing original and curated content, asking questions, polling your followers, offering compelling images, videos and links, you are on the right track. In the perfect world, as conscientious marketers, we measure what is working. Then we plan our marketing strategy on efforts that work best, dropping the methods that are not producing results.

If your social media marketing is still a new practice, or if you would like to have your posting strategy confirmed, a recent study indicates these kinds of posts will give your engagement a boost.

The survey indicated these content types most likely to be shared:

  • 90% pictures
  • 68% links
  • 51% quotes
  • 47% videos
  • 20% studies and statistics

Facebook findings show pictures as the most engaging content there. Humorous content (86%) is also more likely to be shared.

In creating a social media marketing strategy, keep focused on the nature of the social media site and the ideal target customer you are engaging. It is very important to understand that social media is very quick by nature. Pictures and links both lend themselves to quick viewing, quick sharing, and generate responses.

Whatever your social media marketing plan, remember the plan only works when the content is right for your target customer.

What kinds of posts do you find are shared most from your profile or page? Leave me a message; I would love to hear from you. – Maureen

Source: Marketing Charts/SocialToaster, Socialbakers

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