Social Media: Planning Steps for a Facebook Page Launch

Posted on Jan 23, 2013

Social Media: Planning Steps for a Facebook Page Launch

Social Media Ahead ImageA social media marketing launch is an exciting moment for a company. Social media gives you access to customers, potential customers, fans and their friends, and followers in uniquely interactive ways. With Facebook continuing to reign supreme among social media platforms with the greatest number of users of any social media site, it’s highly likely that you are or should be considering a Facebook page.

A little social media advance planning can make a great deal of difference in how you present your company to the world on Facebook. Because you will be interacting with customers and potential customers, the “storefront” should be customer-ready. Your Facebook page says something about you as a product or service provider, just as your other marketing materials do, or as a brick-and-mortar location would. You would not want to open a physical store before it was ready for customers. Nor should your social media page launch unfinished.

Use these steps when planning your Facebook page for a great social media site:

  1. Goal. Establish the goal for your social media marketing. Knowing the goal will allow you to keep on track, make progress toward the goal and know when you’ve arrived!
  2. Keywords. If you have a current keywords study for your company, keep that on hand. If not, do a little keyword research, or have the keyword research completed by a pro. Keyword performance should be monitored on a regular basis and adjustments made accordingly, something to consider in planning.
  3. Milestones. Facebook supports posting the history or interesting events about your company via milestones. Do a little research and organize the company notable events and descriptions.
  4. Images. Plan for the right images; images that reflect your company and brand. Find them among images you have, or have them created as part of planning. First, create the right profile picture, the square space. This image accompanies each post, on your own page and on your followers’ pages, so a recognizable logo or brand image is important. Second, find or create images that fit the banner space, the largest picture area at the top of the Facebook page. Select images that work well horizontally, fit the area, and work well with the placement of the profile picture. Having a collection of images to rotate in the banner area keeps the site fresh and interesting, so find several to begin. Third, find images that support the milestones, find pictures that can be organized in photo albums in the apps area below the banner.
  5. About. Write your story ahead of time for the About Description section. Plan copy for the Short Description, Company Overview, Description, Mission, and when the company was founded. There are also sections for Awards Received and Products Produced to plan if you have them. Using keywords in the writing will help prospective customers find you. Have your contact information handy for reference, especially if someone is helping you with the page. Insure that the contact information is correct and complete.
  6. Apps. Along with the Photos, Facebook provides this area for links and tailored content. If you offer free eBooks, note where the eBook is found and the link you will use for posting (and find an interesting graphic). If you have Twitter, Pinterest or other social media accounts you would like to link, have the account information handy. When you are ready, you can find instructions on how to add apps at Facebook’s App Center.

With these steps complete, the Facebook page will launch customer-ready.

What’s been your experience launching a Facebook page? Please leave me a comment, I would love to know. – Maureen

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