Social Media Strategy: Tell Your Story

Posted on Jan 17, 2013

Social Media Strategy: Tell Your Story

Creating your social media strategy is really about finding the right way to tell your company’s story, and engage with your customers. Social media platforms make an ideal story-telling platform through the company description and posts, and support longer story content through links back to your website. In designing engaging content for your customer audience, starting your social media strategy by focusing on your story is a great beginning.

Your strongest target market is likely one that shares or honors your values.  Telling your story, in its many facets, helps your customers and potential customers understand more about you, your company and what you stand for.  In the online world of social media, potential customers often only have your words and images to get to know you initially.  You want to put your best, most authentic introduction out there for your customers to find.

The company story can take many forms.   If you are creating your initial social media strategy, or are seeking a deeper connection with customers, here are some tips to get started:

1) Chart Your Story.  Whether you are a sole practitioner or a large company, your company and customer experience is made up of parts – vendors you use, thought leaders you admire, your history or philosophy, the company’s history, the history of the industry, and so forth.  A fine restaurant may talk about the farmers that supply the quality ingredients that make the meal.  A builder might tell the story of a craftsman, or of a construction detail, especially important to their work.  A landscape contractor might describe why they have employees rather than contract labor and why their customers love it.  Begin by charting the elements of your business that make up your story.  Prioritize which stories are most important to your social media strategy and get started.    Starting with a plan saves time and keeps the story message right on track throughout the social media calendar year.

2) Authentic Voice.  Storytelling gets better with practice.  If you are not naturally a writer, consider recording your story and have someone type it up and edit before posting to social media.  If you are writer, once the original story is written, schedule occasional revisions to the story to freshen it and find a new way to tell it.  Search engines love refreshed content, so you may find better web site or social media results on your way to finding your authentic voice.

3) Get Help.  Having someone to tell the story to can be much easier than recounting it while you are alone at a desk.  In recounting her memoirs of Africa, an adventurous relation found she could only tell the story by telling the story.  Find a willing audience, or consider getting professional writing help.

Is telling your story part of your social media marketing strategy?  What have you experienced in telling your story?  Please leave a comment; I would love to hear about your experience. – Maureen


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