5 Ways to Avoid Annoying Your Target Audience on Social Media

Posted on May 2, 2013

5 Ways to Avoid Annoying Your Target Audience on Social Media

StopSocial media is an incredibly powerful tool. Social media marketing is accessible, available to nearly any business, group or enterprise who would like to engage in it, large or small. You can engage future clients, current clients and fans, maintaining the relationship before or after your work with them. While social media’s been with us for some time now, there are opportunities to communicate the right way in your social media marketing and avoid annoying the very people you would like to attract.

1) Keep Topics Relevant and Interesting. If you have a business or organization, you should have some idea of what topics will be of interest to your ideal target customer. If not, ask them. Ask your best customers what insights and information would be of value for them. Focus on those topics, and then measure the results to see what really engaged the audience.

2) Post Just Often Enough. While many companies struggle to post often enough, it is possible to post too often. Starting out, with Facebook and LinkedIn, you can work up from a few times a week to a couple times a workday, or schedule some weekend posts. For Twitter, a media that can support a higher number of posts, as long as you keep it relevant, it’s difficult to over post. Remember keeping the content relevant and consistent is more important than achieving a high frequency of posts.

3) Talk About a Variety of Subjects – Not Just Yourself. Social media is like any social gathering. We tend to avoid people who talk endlessly about themselves. Plan your social media topics the way you would conduct your conversation at a gathering. People are interested in you for the scope of what you know and have to offer. Share your interests, insights and knowledge to earn the right to have followers.

4) Make Offers – Don’t Over Promote. Do promote your business in your social media marketing. Make offers and specials exclusive to your social media followers. Reward your followers, but remember not to only focus on promotion of your product or services.

5) Keep the Images Brand-Worthy. Logos, photographs and videos are powerful tools on social media, and your brand will be judged by the quality of those images. When logos are cut-off, photographs are blurry, and images just off the mark what message are you sending? As with all marketing, you can be eroding your image if not attentive to your online look. Create images that fit the social media spaces, find outstanding photography and keep your social media marketing “brand worthy.”

Have you experienced a learning curve in your social media marketing efforts? Please share your insights; I’d love to hear from you. – Maureen

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