5 Tips for Adding Events to the Marketing Plan

Posted on May 12, 2015

5 Tips for Adding Events to the Marketing Plan

Events connect you personally to customers, and adding events to the marketing plan is a great way to develop relationships and strengthen marketing results. Whatever the size of your budget, here are 5 tips for adding events to your marketing plan and making them a success:

1. Pick an easy location. Pick a location that your customers will want to come to, either because it’s convenient, or it will be very interesting to them. Make the location one with easy access for parking, walking or whatever transportation means is right for your target customer.

2. Invite partners. Are there suppliers with the latest materials or systems to share, companies you use all the time, or would like to use? Add value to the event by inviting partner companies to come and share their products and services.

3. Use e-invitations. If it’s right for your marketing plan, use e-Invitations that capture attendee information, and that can send reminders and provide directions.

4. Hospitality. Whether it’s a social or educational gathering, create a memorable event with refreshments, an interesting program, and souvenirs to take home (with your contact information). Greet people as they arrive, and make them feel welcome.

5. Call-to-action. Don’t forget the call-to-action in your events, as you would with any part of your marketing plan. Hold a drawing or contest to get people involved after the event, whether it’s signing up for the newsletter, “Like”-on Facebook, filling out an application for a free consultation, making an appointment, or some other action that’s right for your company.

What’s the best marketing event you’ve attended? What’s the best event you’ve put on? Leave me a comment about your experiences! – Maureen


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