Marketing Plan: Target Audience Insight

Posted on Oct 13, 2015

Marketing Plan: Target Audience Insight

The cornerstone to a strong marketing plan can be counter-intuitive at first, that having a narrow focus on a specific target audience will make your marketing more effective. The temptation to believe everyone is your potential customer when you’re looking to grow the business can be strong.

Having a target audience defined, not an arbitrary one but rather one that has been or you believe will be the majority of your customers, allows you to create a marketing plan focused on the right messages in the right locations for the right audience in a way that compels them to action. It’s the call-to-action action step that’s the key. You want your target audience to view our company as uniquely suited to serve their needs, and then have them take the next step.

Marketing is surprisingly like dating. If you walk into a crowd a shout out your attributes and invite others to come over and talk about dating you, your odds of success are low. If you find a special person in the crowd with whom you have something in common and present yourself in a way that appeals to them, your chances of success are much higher. You can then make the call-to-action something that’s easy to accept, such as an invitation to coffee, and begin the relationship.

Take these steps in defining your target audience, and see your marketing plan effectiveness increase:

1. Create Target Profile. Look at the customers you’ve had, or the customers you will have (based upon sound research) and create a representative profile of them. How old are they, where do they live, what do they do for a living, what are their hobbies, are they married, do they have kids, what do they like to do?

2. Tailor Your Offer. For that target audience, what are their pain-points and what solutions do you bring to their wants and needs? How are you uniquely suited to help them.

3. Market Accordingly. Focus your marketing plan on reaching this customer, whether it’s through networking, events, advertising or other means. Make your offer around how you are uniquely suited to help them. Make the call-to-action something easy to accept, such as a free consultation, or softer still, a newsletter sign-up or a free how-to paper.

If you have a target and offer defined, but need help on translating it to a marketing plan, send me a note. I’m happy to help. – Maureen


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