The First Things to Check When Marketing is Not Working

Posted on Dec 15, 2015

The First Things to Check When Marketing is Not Working

Has this ever happened to you: you plan a marketing campaign or open for business and things just don’t seem to be moving?  Or, have you been marketing for a while and suddenly things just don’t seem to be working the same way anymore?

Here are the first things we check when things are not working as well as expected:

1) Check the signs.  If signs are part of the marketing strategy, check that they are in place, that the web address, telephone, directions or other information is clear and readable at the distance or speed you expect customers to be viewing the information.  If you are visible from a freeway, your information may need to be larger, or shortened.  If you have signs on surface streets, you may want to place the signs at driver eye-level.  If you are attracting pedestrians, make sure your signs are noticeable to someone walking.  In all cases, check that all information is correct and the signs are noticeable.

2) Check the directions.  The information that repeats such as addresses, telephone numbers, and directions, are overlooked in proofreading.  Review each place these appear to insure they are correct.  Reading aloud helps focus on these repeated elements.

3) Check the telephone numbers.  Call your numbers, make sure each is connecting.  Create a telephone answering procedure to everyone manning the telephones. If you need to track how often a particular marketing effort is making the telephone ring, you can assign a unique telephone number, forwarded to your main number, and track the results.  Web-based efforts can include a “call me” link for instant support.

4) Check the website.  Websites can develop linking problems, so check them on a regular basis.  The web site’s site plan makes a great guide for checking.  If you have a news sign-up area, check that the fields are populating correctly by signing up and checking the results.

5) Check the outbound mail.  Handwritten notes are one of our favorite tools in marketing.  If mail is part of your marketing plan, make sure the team is well supplied with stamps, and that there’s a process for getting them more when they run low.

These are the first things we check when working with new clients.  Before you begin investing in new marketing, make sure all the foundation elements are working well.

Have you had an experience of fixing the marketing when you fixed one of these basics?  If so, please leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you. – Maureen

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