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2021 in Review: Consumer Research and the Joy of Personal Connections

On our way into 2022, I can reflect on 2021 with the safety of time since the turn of the year. While 2021 was not my favorite year, it was better than 2020 by miles.

Here are the highlights of 2021 from the rearview mirror:

1. Virtual research events were always normal. While I usually recommend in-person focus groups and product walk usability research to clients, the research industry has long experience with virtual platforms. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages; virtual events will continue to be the most common conversational research event type going into the year.  

2. Work-from-home employee research. New for us last year is helping companies understand employee work-from-home and return-to-work needs and preferences. Clients, in general, noted an increase in productivity with the work-from-home model, but this was individual to types of business. In planning the future “normal,” build flexibility and realistic work-from-home solutions for each position to stay competitive.

3. Interest list status research. More than ever before, we worked with homebuilders to check on their interest list, checking purchase timing and home configuration preferences with the new work-from-home needs. 

4. The power of the Rolodex and long-term relationships. The highlight of 2021 for me was the deep dive into my address book. It was fantastic to talk to folks. It was my greatest joy last year, and I hope those of you who pledged to do a deep dive of your own find the same soul-satisfying joy I did from talking to you.

If you missed your chance at the catch-up call, I’d love to talk with you. Please shoot me a note, or schedule yourself in.

I wish you a healthy and productive 2022.

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