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3 Unique and Effective Ways Clients Use Survey Research

While most client projects use survey research for consumer feedback on sentiment, product, or marketing design, we have also designed survey research to help with unique needs.

Here are three different ways clients have used surveys:

  1. Negotiate with a land seller. We conducted a survey with projected demand and pricing for a unique parcel in feasibility. The division used the survey results, backed by our team as research representatives, to negotiate the purchase price. Our analysis demonstrated current customer demand and price projection for the location, and our client appreciated the approach of presenting data in the negotiation.
  2. Post-pandemic return-to-work. When employers considered having staff return to the office, they found employee surveys useful in developing new work arrangements. Survey results helped them strike the right balance between employee and employer needs.
  3. Internal decision making. We helped a firm create a short survey to answer a multi-market internal question. Consumer feedback provided a data-driven basis for the discussion and final decision. Consumer data is useful as a neutral data point focus and saves time during internal discussions.

What are some unique ways you have used survey research?

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