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5 Fast Track Tips to Test a Concept — Go to the Pros

Test a Concept

Need feedback in a hurry, or want to test an idea before you invest time and money to be sure certain you are starting down the right path? Show your ideas to a group of professionals – it’s affordable, effective and fast.

Professionals, the right professionals, can give you the early, quick feedback you want to get your project on the right path. Here are five tips to get you started:

  1. Recruit the right professionals. Find the people who work with your target customers. Find the people with experience in your location and price point. Whatever concept you develop, there are the right professionals out there to give you the concept feedback that will make a difference to achieving your goals.
  2. Location, location, location. Find a location that’s easy for the professionals to attend. Keep the location close and convenient. A hotel or restaurant meeting room, a conference room, or a focus group facility if one is in just the right place, all make ideal meeting places. Schedule conflicts will arise, so make the meeting location as easy and convenient to get to as possible.
  3. Show them. No final product drawings yet? Show them what you do have, such as the location, and find images or exhibits that are similar to your concept that you don’t quite have finished. Let them know how you are similar and how you are different. Ask for likes and dislikes. Even the most conceptual community idea can get valuable feedback.
  4. Record the discussion. Recording lets you give your full attention to the people in the room, lets you revisit the discussion at a later time, and share the discussion with others. Let participants know you are planning to record. It’s the polite thing to do.
  5. Take action. Plan on how you will use the feedback, and prepare the team to take action based upon the discussion. Revisit any opportunities to deliver critical customer wants, evaluate those as a team, make the action plan to the wanted changes and go!

The closer you can get to delivering on customer want and needs, the greater your chance of project success.

Tip: Invite team member and trusted colleagues, such as your architect, land planner, or others to hear the discussion – the different points of view increase the value of the exercise.

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