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Designing and Conducting Effective Market Research for Neurodiversity

Brain Puzzle

If you work with neurodiverse populations in market research or should be, this article by Mariann Lowery, published in Quirk’s, is a good read.

In interviewing adults with autism for a housing community design research project, I received coaching from my client before the interviews started. The primary guidance was to ask the question, then wait the time it takes to allow my interview participants time to process the question and form the answer. The approach led to housing design gold – meaningful feedback the planners used to make the community design truly special.

While my typical project is not specifically targeting a broadly neurodiverse audience, we all benefit from stopping to let the other person have time to answer. The coaching improved my relationship with my not-neurotypical sibling. Our world is better when it’s more inclusive.

Enjoy the read.

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